Performance Measurement Improves Organizational Impact and Moves the Needle

The ability to outline staff expectations, create a system to objectively measure those expectations, and design a response plan is a game changer. Understand the true health of your staff team and know exactly what type of training and support would be most helpful for staff growth, and the success of your business.

Staff Performance Metrics

  • Establish ways to objectively measure performance, and provide consistent feedback and direction based on data.
  • Assess performance trends for areas of weakness, coaching opportunities, and training needs.
  • Track success and design ways to manage variances in performance.

Customer Satisfaction/Experience

  • Examine current customer satisfaction processes, including the sources of information, how feedback is assessed short term, and what changes are made overall for long term improvement.
  • Set goals for customer satisfaction/experience, create new customer assessments as necessary and establish a plan to address customer satisfaction/experience trends internally and externally.