Strategic Focus on People, Processes and Performance to Strengthen Your Business.

Working with businesses, my services aim to enrich your existing procedures, create new processes that improve overall efficiency and increase performance. Through engaging training, standard operating procedures, and metrics to effectively measure performance, together we can strategically enhance your business culture and increase overall revenues.


Create Clarity, Focus & Direction

Clearly define success and develop customized goals and objectives to get there.

Document and train to standard best practices/procedures at all levels maximizing staff production, and getting teams to the finish line faster.


Develop & Retain

Design and implement an engaging onboarding program that will have new team members ready to work faster, have them more prepared for their roles, and provide productivity from day one.

Create customized plans for ongoing training and development opportunities- focusing on hard and soft skills that will grow your people, your team, AND your business.


Measure Impact & Move the Needle

Build metrics to measure staff performance, allowing for strategic coaching, focused training, and recognition.

Dig deep into the customer experience by establishing baselines, creating and/or fine tuning survey tools, organizing feedback, setting up reporting systems, and establishing a successful response process.